Instructor: Elena Mironova and Olga Forschner

Even in the 20. century all Russian children used to play with the rag dolls. The women made pretty dolls from scraps of material and gave them to the children to play with. But in the 60s, when the industial porduction of milloins plastic dolls overflowed the market, the tradition of making rag dolls fade away. But the rag doll desappeared not entirely. It remained intact in the cultural memory of the people. The elderly women in the depth of the country are still making rag dolls according to traditional patterns.

The manlike symbollical figures accomplished in the past an magic function as well. Rag dolls were used as lucky charms and in various rites and festivities. People used to believe rag dolls help with work, protect from diseases and accidents and bring luck.

The traditional rag doll is an perfect object for children workshops. The rag doll is a toy with wonderful educational qualities, highly appreciated in the Art Therapy. In our cours we will show you, how to make a traditional russian rag dolls. We will use only nature materials and follow traditional patterns.

  • Fabricating materials und tools inclusive
  • Each participant of the cours will go home with a self made rag doll.

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